Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Slight dropoff but knowledge increasing....

I have successfully managed to work out how the scoring system in Fantasy Baseball actually works! Has taken me long enough and although I read briefly how the system works pre-draft I didn't fully understand it. Now I have seen it in action for about 3 weeks now since the season started.

A rookie's description

There are 10 scoring categories - 5 for batters and 5 for pitchers. For each category a score from 1-10 is given based on your performance in that category, eg if your team has the highest amounts of HRs in the league you will get a 10, the lowest gets a 1. This is calculated for each category and then total score for each team determines your place in the League Standings. Clearly a 70 is an excellent score and I can see how certain teams will strategise for certain categories aiming for top 2 finishers in those rather than go across all 10. With my limited knowledge there is no way I can think about doing this!

My team was averaging around 66-63 whilst sitting atop of the Standings since my last post but in the last few days this has decreased quite a bit and currently sits at 59, 3rd in the standings. This has been due to a number of different factors - Brett Gardner going on the DL 15 day list and general poor stats from basically all of my batters except for Curtis Granderson who has had an excellent week - 7 runs, 4 home runs, 5 RBIs and is batting .400 in the past 7 days. That's what happens when you face the Red Sox twice.

As I write this post he just had another hit with the bases loaded vs the Rangers allowing #2 (there's only 1 number 2) and Robinson Cano to score to give the Yankees a 1st inning lead.

Ryan Dempster has also been put on the DL15 - maybe my team is doomed to have a bench full of injured players. I'm hoping for a few waiver pickups this week to come in and perform better than my team has been in recent days.

On a side note - I watched the end of the Yankees Red Sox game on Saturday where the Sox led by 9 and collapsed. An excellent game to see and what I thought baseball was about before I watched my first game! All hits and runs rather than balls and strikes. I love offense rather than defense, I'll always be that way with any kind of sport! Makes fans and players excited - but when QPR grind out a nice 1-0 win like they did against Spurs at the weekend it gave me a lot of satisfaction. But any QPR win will do me!

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