Saturday, 31 March 2012


Firstly welcome to my Blog. If you are reading this then you have decided to join me from the first stage of this experiment. I have decided to set up a fantasy baseball team in an ESPN league. Might not sound like too much of a big deal, there are hundreds of thousands of people that do this every year.

However 99.999% of them have a larger baseball knowledge than me. Naming every MLB team for me would be a struggle, I'd miss the odd few small market teams, and attempting to tell anyone if a team was National League or American League....let's not go there just yet. My New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox knowledge isn't too bad, I could name a fair amount of their players and the positions of the Yankees players would be fairly good. But any player on the Padres roster or for the Royals? No chance. Maybe I should buy this.

My knowledge has come from spending 7 weeks in the New England region of the States in Summer 2011 watching a fair bit on various channels, listening to the PTI podcast and Bill Simmons on the BS Report. I don't read any articles about baseball unless its a major move like Pujols going to the Angels and Prince Fielder signing for the Tigers. I don't even know how many rounds there are in the draft or how many players I get on my team!

So why am I doing this and signing up for a league I don't know much about and one that requires a decent knowledge to succeed? Answers - I want a new challenge. I LOVE fantasy football and waiting until September is going to take too long. The documentary about the first Rotisserie baseball league has inspired me, Silly Little Game directed by Lucas Jansen. You can never know too much about a variety of sports. It might, yes might, make watching baseball more interesting which I will be doing when I have to do night shifts (thanks ESPN America).

I will attempt to be competitive in a league of random players that could be experts or first time players as well. But I will be monitoring anything and everything the ESPN fantasy analysts have to say about the players on my team and potential waiver pickups and see how far a rookie can get using the advice of these experts. I used their advice a lot this year for Fantasy Football but when it came to crunch time I would use my own thoughts on making a decision on who to start, add or drop. Anything can happen but win or lose this should be interesting! Now let's move on to the draft......

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